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Private Tutoring (One-on-One- LIVE Skype sessions)

On-Demand Quant Course (Video course) – $99 for a full course

World’s Least expensive and Highly recommended Private tutoring Full Course Both Quant and Verbal Sections – 38 Sessions (Call for price)

  • Private tutoring Verbal only (AWA complementary) – Min.5 hours
  • Private tutoring Quant only (IR complementary) – Min.5 hours

Highlight: Least expensive and highest quality Personal tutoring (one-on-one LIVE Skype session) – Only $49 per hour (Min.5 Hours)

We will be committed to giving the following as complete preparation program

Ø  Completely Online One-on-One interactive session for GMAT preparation using voice chat and NOT the Video Recorded session.

Ø  We provide our students with a wide range of study material available for the courses.

Ø  Full course for Verbal Section (AWA complimentary).

Ø  Full course for Quant (IR section complementary).

Ø  Additional paid classes for the student if required.

Ø  Flexible class timing

Ø  Ample homework and doubt clearing sessions

Ø  One free Demo class for each Quant and Verbal.

·       1500+ Quant problems solved (all HD VIDEO SOLUTIONS) with great detail of approach explained

·         150+ HD Quality Concept Videos for a comprehensive learning

·         Bouquet of courses offered, so you don’t have to buy everything for help on one topic

·         Topic-wise quizzes to evaluate the learning outcome

·         5 Full-Length Quant Sectional Tests (Work-in-Progress)


·         24 Hour support


Highlight: 2 FREE Private tutoring sessions with Course creator for Doubt discussion and Test prep strategy on minimum purchase of courses worth $60


– Repeat classes allowed till the course validity expiry

– Dedicated Doubt discussions

– One-on-one Doubt classes before the actual test date

– Weekday and Weekend batches

– Exhaustive Course material and Practice material

– Six months’ valid registration

– Most affordable course

– FREE DEMO CLASSES Available!!!