Mr. Bhoopendra and Sushma maa’m are great teachers
(I improved from 17 Verbal to 32 And from 37 quant to 47 )
Overall improvement From 460 to 650
They are flexible and they really care about their students Few times I had to cancel and they understood my unexpected circumstances. They even offered to give me free class to review after failing my first attempt.
All is great The quant questions I studied with Mr. Bhoopendra are the best online for Gmat. I improved dramatically
P.S I’m not indian and only learned math when I was 25Also about the verbal, I struggled with verbal a lot but Sushma Maa’m helped me to feel more comfortable and she believed in me She always told me the reason for every mistake I made Was it a logic mistake , or a silly one caused by not knowing a certain word meaning She always said to me your logic is good but sometime you answer questions incorrectly because of a certain word you don’t know So I worked on my vocabulary and went back to verbal studying

And it finally paid off

—From google Business page—

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