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MSc Marketing – University of Strathclyde
SUSHMA MA'AM -- The greatest guide one can have she's a total f 'n' f --- firm and fun !!, she explains you everything so that you understand it. She does not do the work for you she guides you to your mark and she is every strict about home assignments. Under her tutelage anyone can crack the competitive exams be it an honor student or an average student like me. THANK YOU SO MUCH MA'AM !!!   BHOOPENDRA SIR -- Thank you very very much for tutoring me when I was preparing for GMAT. You’ve been an incredible tutor — both personally and professionally. I think I did really well in quant, thanks to you! You were also an incredible listener, I mean you could hear me yap yap for hours; and one more thing thank you so much cause you never made me feel stupid for fretting so much. The thought of facing the world outside of my extremely tiny bubble of life never seemed so exciting till the time I got in touch with you.
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