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20+ Timed Quant Sectional tests (31 Qn/ 62 min.) – Official Questions


A Comprehensive Quant FULL Course – 2000+ Qns (All video explanations), 2000+Videos, ALL Concept Videos

Quant (Comprehensive) FULL Course - 2000+ Qns (All video explanations), 2000+Videos, ALL Concept Videos


A2Z Data Sufficiency (DS) : Strategy | Tricks | Rules | 1000+ Qn | 100% Video solutions

DS Concept Videos
DS Question format Explained
DS Option Sequencing explained
DS Basic strategy
DS Advance Strategy
1000+ Questions (with Video solutions)
Official Questions + Practice Questions


Co-ordinate for GMAT (110+Videos, 65PS +35DS ALL with Video Explanation) – 7 Hrs. Course

110+ Videos (7 Hours Course)
All Concept Videos + (10 Quizzes)
65 PS problems (with Video solutions)
35 DS Problems (with Video Solutions)
The course provides a thorough explanation of all concepts of coordinate geometry required for GMAT.


Geometry for GMAT (200+ Videos and Practice questions) – 13+ hours Course

Geometry course is intended to take the students through the concepts in a very researched way which ensures the maximum learning outcomes. The concepts and exercise to deal with geometry has been divided in various sections which are explained in detail in the introduction Video.


GMAT Official Advanced Questions – QUANT (67 PS and 83 DS all with Video explanation)

This course offers the detailed video explanation of all the Quant problems of the book GMAT Official Advanced Questions.
All concepts related to question well explained.

- 67 PS question
- 83 DS Questions


Inequality (Unconventional FAST method) – 100 DS, 50 PS, 50 Official Problems

- Unconventional FAST Method to solve problems
- 150+ DS Problems
- 50+ PS Problems
- Concept Videos covering all concepts (with traps identification)


Number Properties – 250+ Videos, 100+ PS, 130+ DS, (15+ Hours)

The terminology of Numbers l
Unit digit calculation l
More usages of cyclicity with examples l
Remainder theorem (with examples) l
Total Factors, Even/Odd number of factors calculation l
Terminating decimal concept l
Prime factorization l
Factorial Function simplification l
Concepts and Questions based on LCM and GCD/HCF l
Miscellaneous concepts


OG Quant Review 2020 – QUANT

A FREE interactive platform to practice all OG Quant review questions. l
Access Video explanation of all the problems on the submission of quizzes. l
Multiple quizzes with each quiz representing 10 questionss


Overlapping Sets | 100+ Questions | 50+ official questions | Video solution to all


P&C (Combinations) and Probability – 150+Videos, 20+ Concept Videos

- Conceptual Explanation of P&C (20+ Videos)
- 75+ Questions P&C (With Video explanations)
- 30+ OFFICIAL Questions P&C (With Video explanations)
- 30+ Questions Probability (With Video explanations)


Ratios, Proportions and Mixtures – 100+ Videos, 15 CONCEPT Videos, 5+ Hours

- 20+ Concept Videos
- 100+ Video Explanation
- 65 PS Exercise problems
- 30 DS Exercise problems
- 5.5+ Hours course
24x7 Instructor Support


Statistics for GMAT – 100+ Videos, 65 PS and 30 DS, (5.5 Hours)

- 100+ Videos (Concept + Solved Questions)
- 5.5 Hour course
- Concepts followed by examples for application
- Importance Meter: 2/31 Questions in Quant
- 65 PS and 30 DS Problems (All with Video explanations)


Work Rate l Speed Distance and Time l Word Problems (100+ questions) – 4 Hours

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