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Rohit Kossery
GMAT: 740 | MBA, London Business School
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Sana Bawa
GMAT – 710, Q-51

Amazing teachers! Both of them have incredible dedication and patience. Commendable!!

Nimrat Pahwa
GRE: 320 | MBA, Schulich

Thanks to Sushma mam and Bhoopendra sir, Gre became less complicated n tortuous . Sir achieved something which I thought was never possible, he made me like math. I am a chef by profession and math was never my (...)

Ankit Bhatnagar
GMAT 680 | Schulich

Undoubtedly the best place you can take any educational training and achieve success. I would also like to add that the faculty/gurus are the best part of this institution and to all those people who feel even (...)

Khem Singh Negi
GRE: 317 | MS in Logistics and Supply chain Management: Zargoza

I have attended classes at both centre because of one month prep time for my GRE. Both the teachers, Verbal & Quant, are really helpful and they make you feel like you're at home while studying. The have great (...)

Krishna Pathak
GMAT 720 | MBA , Harvard University

Sushma Mam is the Best. She not only teaches you but also keeps you motivated when you are down . When every where else I was getting packaged solutions, she understood my weaknesses and made a study plan (...)

Shashwat Aggarwal
SAT: 1400

I enrolled in GMAT INSIGHT for SAT classes. Both sir and ma'am worked really hard and helped me throughout my coaching. Sir was always available to clear any maths doubt I had and ma'am, with her extensive knowledge in English taught me new things.

Kartika Sekar
GRE: MS in IT Illinois Institute

Diligent, that's how I would like to describe Sushma ma'am and Bhoopendra sir. I've taken GRE classes with them, they have not only guided me but also motivated me through out the entire process. Especially (...)

Sameer Kataria
MS Computational Finance, Georgia Tech

I was in constant contact with Bhoopendra sir during my MS application. Not only was he helpful in breaking down the overwhelming application process, but also helped me prepared for interviews during the whole (...)

Chhavee Bahri
MBA: ISB Hyderabad

I took the Quant Tutorial services from Bhoopendra Sir at the GMAT Insight Dwarka Centre. Bhoopendra Sir's calm demeanor and patience coupled with his excellent mastery over the subject helped me get a high (...)

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Puneet Yadav
SAT: 1380

Appearing first time for SAT I was apprehensive of what to study. I would like to thank gmat insight for guiding me through every step. For someone who is not good with numbers I could complete my maths section (...)

Abhijit Datta

I've been fortunate to end up at this place at the very beginning of my endeavour to get a good score in GMAT.

I ended up getting a score of 700 in my first attempt after studying for 3 months. And though i (...)

Shweta Dubey
Chartered Accountant

If you are worried about Gmat/gre/sat/IELTS preparation and want a dedicated guidance along with your efforts evaluation, GmatInsight is where you should be. Extremely knowledgeable and talented faculties, they (...)

Prateek Rathi
GMAT: 720

Knowing GMAT INSIGHT has been really a profound experience for me. While I improved my GMAT score from 640 to 720 in 2.5 months, the experience with GMAT INSIGHT restored my belief in online classes where it's (...)

Sharvi Lohani
GMAT: 710 | MS in Finance Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

My experience at GMATinsight has been phenomenal from the very beginning. After looking at a lot of places, I decided to check out GMATinsight. After joining, what followed was a learning I would carry with me (...)

Paridhi Prasad
GMAT: 700

I would recommend GMAT insight to anyone who is looking for a structured preparation for GMAT.

Sushma Ma'am, the verbal faculty, gives a lot of attention to each and every student. She also points out the (...)

Suryakant Tripathi
GMAT: 700

Great teachers, Great Motivators and Great Guides. I was too low on confidence while I came to join them cause I had already two bad scores and experience of one coaching which did not prove to be too (...)

Rishabh Bora

I had one of the finest learning experiences at Gmatinsight. Sushma ma'am supported and motivated me all the way through my high and low scores . Along with Bhoopendra sir who always had few tricks up his (...)

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Palash Goyal
SAT: 1500 | Maths 800/800

After trying many different institutes for coaching of my SAT, I found GMATinsight to be the best. Not only was there rigorous practice tests and exercises, but there was also an immense number of doubt classes (...)

Aman Gosain

It was a great experience studying at GMAT insight, Never in my life I have seen such professional teachers. Both Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma Mam are exceptional teachers and fantastic mentors. From my personal (...)

Sumitra Roy
GMAT: 710 | Advanced Program in AI: IIM-C

I was extremely glad to be recommended to GMAT INSIGHT for my GMAT preparation.

Both the faculty members are seasoned thus knowing exactly how to design your preparation journey . The ideal time for a 700 (...)

Sarthak Dagar
GMAT 700

Hands down the best place to prepare for your GRE/GMAT. I attended the GMAT prep course and improved my score by 130 points. Bhoopender sir and Sushma ma'am aren't just teachers, they are mentors who inspired (...)

Shivam Sethi

I am in my final year of graduation and was in Delhi for almost a month only. I took classes for GMAT Verbal at the Dwarka Centre and scored a 710 on GMAT.

Exam Strategy: Sushma ma'am also helped in time (...)

Supriya Chawla
GMAT: 710 | Rotman

It took me some time to find a GMAT coaching institute in Delhi where I could get personalized attention for my prep. Finally, I stumbled upon GMATinsight -- one of the best decisions I made! Bhoopendra sir and (...)

Rohit Singh
IIM Kozikode Ex.MBA

Probably the best and most humble duo I have come across. They give students the due attention they deserve. Not an institute which behaves or works like a cash cow to a student.

They keep you motivated (...)

Sahil Jain
GMAT: 700 | ISB

GMAT needs guided practice. my studies before joining Sushma Maam and Bhoopendra Sir were in chaos. Sushma ma’am and Bhoopendra sir both will act as a coach who will plan and monitor all the progress for (...)

SAT: 1400

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to have joined this great coaching center. I came all the way from Imphal, Manipur to take my SAT coaching classes in this coaching center with a trust that it would make me (...)

Mokshi Jain
MiM: ESSEC Business School

It was my second attempt at GMAT and after months of self preparation, my score was at a standstill and I had no idea as to how to get past it. That was until Bhoopinder Sir and Sushma ma’am came into picture. (...)

Mansha Jain

GMAT Insight is one stop solution for GMAT preparation. The faculty made sure I was fully prepared for my test and all my doubts were cleared. Their booster session helped me score high. Their techniques as (...)

Sambhav Jain
MBA @Baylor University

Hardworking teachers. Give you all their time and effort especially Ma’am in verbal classes for GMAT and sir with the application process. It was amazing to be associated with them as I received admission with (...)

Rahul Tyagi

I am an Army Officer with 21 yrs of service and I took the Verbal Package with GMATinsight. I truely endorse the professional manner in which Dr Sushma Jha tough me. She has the enthusiasm and passion of (...)

Lakshya Khurana

Sushma ma'am and Bhupendra sir are extremely professional, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers; without a doubt the best in their field. They make sure to give each student personal attention both inside and (...)

Jiya Goel
GMAT: 720

Dr. Sushma Jha is an amazing teacher. Anyone who wishes to improve verbal score for GMAT can do wonders under her guidance.

Akshat Malhotra

I took GMAT online classes from Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra Sir few months back. Initially I was sceptical of the mode of delivery but it works very well. The classes are conducted over Skype and the (...)

Damini Nenavati
GMAT: 720 | Mc Combs, USA

GMAT insight was the best decision I took after failed attempts at cracking the GMAT exam. I had always prepared for GMAT myself and this time I knew I wanted personalized attention and guidance. Sushma Ma'am, (...)

Ishita Mishra

I started my GMAT prep with Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra Sir knowing absolutely nothing about the exam. Over the last few months they have both supported me like those friendly teachers in a new school who have (...)

Diya Sheth
GRE- 327 | Imperial College London

Bhupendra sir has proved to be both, a helpful quant professor & a dedicated mentor. His patience with my doubts and questions is something that I’ll always value.

It has been immense pleasure to be mentored (...)

Rahul Sharma

I was informed about GMAT insight through an online platform. Bhoopendra Sir's course is the most in-depth and content rich course on Quant I have used. GMAT insight's USP is a deep focus DS traps right from (...)

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Swati Sharma
GMAT – 730

Sushma maam made me improve my score in GMAT verbal from a V27 to a V39, when I reached out to her after my devastating first attempt. She identified my problem areas in the very first hour of our interaction (...)

Shashwat Agarwal

I enrolled in GMAT INSIGHT for SAT classes. Both sir and ma'am worked really hard and helped me throughout my coaching. Sir was always available to clear any maths doubt I had and ma'am, with her extensive knowledge in English taught me new things.

Sanchit Guliani
Coventry University

Dr.Sushma has played a vital role in my life as far as personal development is concerned. She has great eye and analytical skills to identify where her student will excel, and encourages, shows a clear path for (...)

Disha Mohapatra
GMAT:720 (Q49, V40) | INSEAD, NTU

Sushma ma'am and Bhoopendra sir have been pivotal in my GMAT prep. Their focus, like mine, was on studying smartly. With a full-time job, that made a huge difference. I did not have to spend hours learning (...)

Gaurang Agarwal
GMAT-690, Q-49, V-34

GMAT preparations can get a little tricky and one may find it difficult to crack the test without correct guidance. Luckily I found my direction in time when someone referred GMATInsight. When I came to (...)

Tim McLean

Bhoopendra was fantastic in helping me prepare for the GMAT. His technique and extra efforts helped me significantly with my Quant score. In just under two weeks of working with Bhoopendra I saw big improvement (...)

Abhinav Upadhyay
MSc Marketing – University of Strathclyde

SUSHMA MA'AM -- The greatest guide one can have she's a total f 'n' f --- firm and fun !!, she explains you everything so that you understand it. She does not do the work for you she guides you to your mark and (...)

Gaurav Ahuja
University of Missouri- Columbia

Sushma mam is one of the best teachers I have had. I had scored 50 in quantitative section and was in low 20's in my verbal. She provided me with the resources and skills to improve my command on English. Mam (...)

Sahil Garg
GMAT – 710 | City University London

Dr. Sushma Jha..This name doesn't need a recommendation. But for all those who have just started looking for an english teacher for GMAT, I'd recommend a demo class with ma'am. Under her guidance, I scored 710 (...)

Abhinav Kaura
GMAT-690 | George Washington University

For my GMAT verbal preparation, I knew that I needed a teacher who could work on my flaws in reasoning and give me personal attention. I came to know about 1-on-1 Skype class of Sushma Mam through Linked-In (...)

Puneet Arora

“Self study for GMAT was taking me no where specially when I was back into this study mode after 9 years. It was also difficult to manage my studies at home with 2 growing children. That’s when I decided to (...)

Dipika Biswas
MBA from FMS Delhi

Sushma was my English teacher when I was preparing for GMAT. She is a true original, whose teaching includes quality, knowledge and grace. She is definitely a compassionate teacher of students and a teacher of (...)

Nidhi Arya
The Catholic University of America

Dr. Sushma Jha was my GRE instructor. Even though my coaching was only for a little while, I had great time working with her. Since then it has been approx. a year now that I am in contact with her. She has (...)

Nakul Tandon

Sushma ma’am is not only a brilliant teacher but also an inspiring woman. She motivated me throughout the tenure of the course and made me believe in myself. Initially, I was extremely concerned about CR (...)

Larayb Abrar
SAT-2040/2400 | NYU, Abu Dhabi

“I was very satisfied with the online SAT prep I received. I felt a close, personal connection with my teachers, and felt that they truly cared both about my scores and about my future. Thanks to them, I was (...)

Rudra Rakshit Singh
GMAT-690 | Ivey, Canda

“I started my preparation for GMAT a few months back and was looking for some coaching institute to assist me in my preparation, then a friend of mine recommended ‘GMAT INSIGHT’ and told me about their classes (...)

Prerna Rai
GMAT-680 (Q-48, V-34) | ISB Hyd.

“I had been struggling with Gmat for past 1 year. I did everything that it takes to master GMAT, Coaching classes, Studying 7 hours a day, doing full length tests, etc. However, despite of all these efforts on (...)

Anushkay Raza
SAT-2040/2400 | McGill University

“I found the experience with Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra Sir beneficial and delightful! They both seemed to take a personal interest in scores and my future and because of them I managed to get the score which (...)

Yuvraj Jain
SAT-I Math 790/800 and SAT-II Math 800/800

“I, Yuvraj Jain studied at the GD Goenka World School. As I had plans to take the SAT Reasoning test and the SAT Math Level IIc Subject test, I went to Mr. Bhoopendra Singh for tutoring in the Winter of 2008. I (...)

Anmol Dhir
GMAT-680 | MBA: ISB Hyderabad

I had the best experience studying with Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra Sir. They both don’t just excel at being great teachers but are also great mentors.I cannot thank Ma’am enough for her patience and constant (...)

Varun Sharma
GMAT – 680 (Q-50, V-32)

“I enrolled for the GMAT course at GMAT INSIGHT and it was a great experience overall. Both Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma Ma’am go that extra mile to make sure the students are well prepared. In my lifetime I have (...)

Vinayak Sharma
GMAT – 690 | ISB Hyd.

“Sushma ma’am and Bhoopendra sir are the most amazing teachers. The ones you´ll remember for the rest of your life.

Sushma ma’am was a game changer for me, her approach to the dreaded verbal in GMAT, the (...)

Prarthana Kejriwal
GMAT-690 ISB Hyderabad

“This might turn out to be a slightly long post – but that would be merely because of the awesomeness of these two teachers!

Well, if you are one of the following types, then Ma’am & Sir are your perfect (...)

Rohit Balakrishnan
GMAT – 700

Working with Bhoopendra Sir was an absolute pleasure. His command on concepts was immaculate and he adjusted his style of teaching according to the student’s needs. He helped me focus on my strenghts and helped (...)

Satyameet Ahuja
GMAT-690 | Schulich (York University) Canada

My skepticism to pursue tuition’s for GMAT preparations were shattered the moment I met Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir. Instantaneously, they came across as knowledgeable, friendly and humble teachers. And (...)

Abhinav Upadhyay
GMAT-700 | MSc Marketing – University of Strathclyde

SUSHMA MA’AM — The greatest guide one can have she’s a total f ‘n’ f — firm and fun !!, she explains you everything so that you understand it. She does not do the work for you she guides you to your mark and (...)

Ankur Wadhwa
Score: 700 | ISB Hyd

“Sushma Mam has been a great mentor during the two months I took ONLINE coaching from her. She is very dedicated to her profession. The best part about her coaching was that she helped me to attack the verbal (...)

Sanjit Kewalramani

I had the pleasure of learning from both Mr Bhoopendra Singh & Dr Sushma Jha in 2010. While I was already strong in quant, Sir taught me some great shortcut methods to shave off extra time on easy & medium (...)

Hemang Vardhan
GMAT-710 (Q-49, V-38) | Rutgers Business school

“I had been struggling with GMAT for almost three years. I had taken coaching classes two well known institutes, but my GMAT scores were disappointing. I had given up all hope, until I found out about one on (...)

Tarul Ahuja
The Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business School

Dr Sushma is one of the best teachers I ever had! Her teaching strategy was very innovative and her teachings have stayed on with me till my grad school. One can not go wrong in GMAT, if one follows her rules and techniques. Good luck.

Govind Mundada
Q-48 to 50 | Alliance Manchester Business School

I got 48 in Quant but my timing was off and i was taking too long for some of the questions. I learnt different approaches from Bhoopendra and that helped me improve my score to 50 in Quant. My verbal was (...)

Gaurav Rao

Giving the GMAT is not a walk in the park, preparing for it is a roller coaster ride, you need all the help you can get. During the GMAT rollercoaster Sushma and Bhoopendra served as my safety (...)

Gourav Ahuja
University of Missouri-Columbia

Sushma mam is one of the best teachers I have had. I had scored 50 in quantitative section and was in low 20’s in my verbal. She provided me with the resources and skills to improve my command on English. Mam (...)

Vaibhav Gupta

“I had joined Sushma ma’am Classes for Verbal section of GMAT last year and I have no doubt that she has come across as one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of studying under .She is not only (...)

Suryapal Chahar
GMAT : 700

“Bhoopendra sir is an absolute gem. He has strong command over the concepts, techniques, and shortcuts that would help you to achieve required speed and accuracy to score well in GMAT. I would any day recommend (...)

Arpit Arora
One Year full time MBA Student at IIM Calcutta 2013-14 (PGPex)

“I got to know Dr. Sushma during process of my application to B-schools. Her guidance and inputs were not only valuable during the whole process but also helped me improve my written communication in day to day (...)

Ajeet Dhillon
Full-Time MBA Student at W.P. Carey School of Business

“Dr. Sushma is a great instructor. I always wondered why we have Teacher’s day but after my interaction with Sushma Ma’am , I totally get the concept now. She’s the person I’d like to celebrate every Teacher’s (...)

Parag Kulkarni
Great Lakes Institute of Management

“I had an opportunity to seek mentoring from then Ms.Sushma Ma’m , now Dr.Sushma during my GMAT preparation phase in year 2005. Dr.Sushma’s unique style of coaching and ability to simplify concepts, definitely (...)

Julien Malengo
IE (Instituto de Empresa)

Dr Sushma provided me with great support, methods, tools and teaching experience while studying for the GMAT. Content of her classes were fitting perfectly the exercises requirements and helped me a lot to (...)

Radhika Mediratta
IIFT Delhi (Batch 2011-13)

I have known Sushma Mam since 2008, when I joined MBA entrance preparation classes. With her in depth knowledge and granular teaching methodology, she imbibes in her students a keenness to learn and motivation (...)

Kamal Lochan
FMS Delhi


Dev Budhiraja
Masters of Business Economics, Delhi University

Dr. Sushm Jha (I prefer calling her Sushma Ma’am) has an amazing persona and an ever ebullient personality. There are some people who are knowledgeable and some who are intelligent, very rare do you find (...)

Deepanshu Mendiratta
LSE (London School of Economics)

” I was recommended to go to Sushma Mam by one of her students. She is one of the best there is in the industry. Individual classes and attention to basics are her USP. I would highly recommend seeking (...)

Mayur Batra
University of Cincinnati

Great initiative!!! Very Happy for you both! Great Faculties and Great Mentors!! Highly recommend them!

Taught by both Sushma (Verbal) and Bhoopendra (Quant – Math Genius)

Gaurav Sharma
GMAT – 700 | IE Business School

Dr Sushma Jha is a great instructor and that I realized on the very first day of my coaching. I was terrible at the verbal section before studying from her but then later it was my verbal score that got me a (...)

Manjit Singh
GMAT – 720

Dr.Sushma is an excellent teacher.I consider myself, really fortunate for attending her classes on GMAT’s verbal section .She believes in building up the fundamentals, required to excel in verbal and she is (...)

Mukesh Chugh
IMT Ghaziabad

I have taken English coaching from Dr. Sushma in 2005 and her teaching methodology has made an everlasting impression in mind. Whenever I have to draft any important mail, her teachings come to my mind. (...)

Vivek Singh
NITIE Mumbai

I know Bhoopendra Sir since 2008 when I first started preparing for CAT, I was always good in maths and always been able to crack quant section but Bhoopendra Sir’s guidance has given me new dimensions of (...)

Rishabh Dayani
GMAT-710 | MBA: Insead, MS: Michigan

“There are many teachers who will help you prepare well for competitive exams, but very few who will make an honest effort to help you navigate the hurdles you face. She will work with you on your weaknesses (...)

Priyanka Agarwal
Georgia Institute of Technology

“Sushma ma’am as I call her is not only my favorite teacher but also my favorite person. She is patient, accommodating and of course an expert in her subject. It was a pleasure to be guided by her. I wish her lots of success in life.”

Anubhav Jha
GMAT – 700

I interacted with Sushma Madam in August 2012. I had already prepared for 3 months for my GMAT by August 2012, but I was not getting the score I wanted to. The area I was struggling was in Verbal Ability just (...)

Shiva Vrata Nath
Strathclyde Business School

“I took the decision to go for further studies after 6 years of job and to be honest changing gears from a professional demanding world to study table was not easy for me.

Their way of teaching, (...)

Chandan Bhatia
GMAT-700 | XLRI – Executive MBA

“I had always aspired to be a student at a premier management institution and Sushma mam has help me realized this dream.  She helped me identify my weaknesses and encouraged me to work on it. She is effusive (...)

Akshat Pathak
MSc. Columbia + (PGPX) IIM-A

“I had the privilege of working with Sushma Ma’am when I was preparing my paper-work for graduate school applications. The quality that I admire most about Jha Madame is that apart from being well versed with (...)

Kunal Maheshwari
IIFT Delhi

Sushma mam is one of the best and coolest teachers you would ever come across. Scores secured by her students are a proof of her mastery in the verbal section. She knows and clearly understands the areas where (...)

Naveen Nagrajan

I am Very happy to write a Testimonial for Sushma Mam. Her classroom management skills ensure that students are integrated successfully into all activities, becoming eager and engaged learners. She (...)

Ankita Yadav
IIT, Bombay

Sushma Ma’am has not only helped to improve my verbal skills but also guided me through out the MBA preparation. She is great teacher as well as a great counselor. Her guidance has definitely helped me to achieve the path of success.

Amar Thakur

I have been a student of Sushma Ma’m at Career Launcher, Satya Niketan Center (AIM CAT ’08). She is an “Outstanding Faculty”. Her ability to effectively teach students coupled with her continued quest for (...)

Nishant Dalal
Great Lakes, Chennai

I believe she is an excellent writer and has terrific command over english. I seeked her help for applying to one of my dream management institute. At the end of day when I submitted my application, I was (...)

Mayank Manral

Dr Sushma is a gifted instructor because she has many years experience as an English teacher. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming personality makes (...)

Anmol Jain
GMAT-690 | Kellogg-HKUST MBA

Bhoopendra is not only a great GMAT teacher but is also a great relationship Manager with his students. While studying for my MBA, Bhoopendra helped me clear my concepts for the GMAT Quant section and was (...)

Ashish Ajwani

Bhoopendra Singh is an excellent teacher who will guide you all the way through. His knowledge is unmatched and that is what will gain your respect and make learning sincere and fun. He teaches with passion and (...)

Prateek Dureha
IMI, New Delhi

Bhoopendra Sir possesses all the skills required to be an excellent teacher – great knowledge of subject, approachable fro any doubt and hardwork. I had the opportunity to take classes from him in 2010 and that (...)

Pooja Grover

I have always had the fear of Maths…with Bhoopendra Sir, it was so easy to crack GRE math. He was knowledgeable about the resources and study material and provided specific topic related preparation material (...)

Abhishek Kashyap
AIM Manila

Sushma Ma’am is a find for any student who wants to excel in their verbal skills.The best part about her is she ensures that you do well in GMAT and if required will spend quality time with you. She is one of the best teachers I have come across.

Ishita Singh
Tulane University (A.B. Freeman School of Business) – 2013

As Brad Henry says, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love for learning”. Thank you Sushama Mam and Bhoopendar Sir for your dedication and hard work. I appreciate your contributions far more than words can say.

Ashish Jain
MICA, Ahmedabad

For me Sushma mam and Bhoopendra Sir are the last word on english/math and GMAT prep. I joined her classes in 2010 unsure of what I am getting into. But an hour session with her was good enough to put all my (...)

Kushagra Sagar
AIM Manila, Philippines

Sushma mam not only is a great teacher but also an awesome mentor. Her patience with me was incredible. Reading Comprehension(RC) was one thing that always let me score down but because of careful guidance, (...)

Kunal Kumaria
EM Lyon

“I got an opportunity to be a student of Sushma Ma’am for Verbal section. It was not easy for me to come back to books after working for few years but she certainly made it much easier for me by lending an (...)

Shwetha Shekhar
GRE-316 | Ph.D. UMass Amherst

“I am a literature scholar and lecturer. I took the GRE exam as I intend to pursue PhD from a good U.S university. I wanted somebody who could help me with mathematics conceptually and luckily I arrived at the (...)

Anoop Kapoor
GMAT – 710 | Kenan-Flagler Business School

After preparing for several months, I only ended up with a 620 on the GMAT. My second attempt was not successful either as I saw my score only go lower to a 590. I was struggling with the verbal section. I (...)

Sandeep Singh Baraith
GMAT- 710 (Q- 49, V- 38) | PGPX (IIM-A)

“I can vouch for Sushma ma’am as a brilliant teacher and as a very helpful person. She is just brilliant at her subject. But what actually distinguishes her from rest all is that she is a great motivator, not (...)

Nimit Khungar
GMAT – 710 | Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

I took GMAT Verbal classes from Sushma  Mam and QUANT classes from Bhoopendra Sir last year. In addition to being really great teachers with an in depth knowledge of the subject matter they also helped me in (...)

Nikhil Chaudhary
GMAT-710 (Q-50, V-36)

“GMATInsight solved most of my problems regarding GMAT. Both Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra Sir are extremely patient and teach from a very exam oriented prospective, which is designed according to one’s (...)

Rupak Gupta
GMAT-710 | MFM University of Chicago

“GMAT insight turned out to be a real blessing for me.

Sushma mam precisely point out your weak areas in first 1-2 classes and then arduously works on improving it. The level of patience she had in my case (...)

Pallavi Sinha
(Q-42 to 49 in a month) (GMAT-710)

“I read up on GMAT Club about GMAT Insight and contacted them for first free demo class. Needless to say, I made up my mind during the demo class itself to subscribe to GMAT Insight. Mr. Bhoopendra Singh is an (...)

Rana Alayli
GMAT 460 to 650 | MBA: Yale SOM, U.S.A

Mr. Bhoopendra and Sushma maa’m are great teachers
(I improved from 17 Verbal to 32 And from 37 quant to 47 )
Overall improvement From 460 to 650
They are flexible and they really care about their students (...)

Divyesh Gandhi
GMAT-710 | IE Business School

I am lucky to have had Sushma Ma’am as my teacher. She is an excellent teacher willing to put in extra effort to help us achieve our goals. The GMAT verbal takes most people down, however, with Dr. Sushma I was (...)

Megha Jose
GMAT-710 | London Business School

I went to Sushma ma’am and Bhoopendra sir after trying MANY other gmat courses/tutors and failing to get a 700+ score. With time running out for my applications, GMATinsight was suggested to me by my consultant (...)

Riya Negi
GMAT-710 | Trinity College Dublin

I joined GMATinsight on a friend’s recommendation who got an impeccable score on the GMAT in a very short duration. My friend praised both the teachers and after hearing about her experience, I decided to join (...)

Sakhi Gandhi
(GMAT-710, Wharton MBA)

It was my second attempt at GMAT. The personalised attention I received and customised preparation plan that both Sir and Ma’am made for me – worked greatly in my favor. Their approach to teaching was very (...)

Alisha Bhatia
GMAT 710 | MBAEx from IIM – C

Wonderful experience!!! Dr. Sushma Jha helped me to improve my verbal. She gave guidance and motivated me throughout my preparation time. Nice institute to start your preparations with.

Manya Mullick
GMAT-710 | MBA : Chicago Booth

“Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir are tutors who will be with you at every step of your GMAT journey and help you achieve your target score :)”

Jeremy Bateman William
GMAT-710 | MBA: Insead

The greatest investment in my GMAT journey! Bhoopendra and Sushma were much more than excellent teachers, but were life coaches to me, listening and inspiring me to continue, especially when things got tough. I (...)

Samrat Sah

While preparing for GMAT, one can get lost in the ocean of preparation material. The key input needed from a teacher is ‘what not to study’. Thank you Sushma Ma’am and Bhoopendra sir for keeping my preparation focused.

Nikhil Mishra
GMAT Score : 720 (Q 49 V 37) | Emory University

Sushma Ma’am has been instrumental in helping me score 720 (Q 49 V 37, AWA 5.5) on the GMAT. I found her approach to verbal extremely effective. Her classes are rigorous and she focuses a lot on building (...)

Sneha Chandak
GMAT-720 (Q46 V44)

If you are looking to bring discipline and structure to your preparation, there is definitely no one who can guide you better than GMAT Insight tutors. In my case, I did not have much time to prepare but the (...)

Disha Mohapatra
GMAT – 720 (Q-49, V-40) | NTU Singapore

“Sushma ma’am and Bhoopendra sir have been pivotal in my GMAT prep. Their focus, like mine, was on studying smartly. With a full-time job, that made a huge difference. I did not have to spend hours learning (...)

Gunjan Verma
GMAT-720 (Q46/V42) | MiM from Bocconi University Milan

Unlike most of the commercial Gmat tutorial centres Sushma Mam and Bhoopender sir at Gmat insight make sure that each student gets the required attention that they need. In a span of 3 months I went from (...)

Parnika Singh
GMAT-730 | USC Marshall

Before deciding to enrol in any classes, I took a GMATPrep practice test and scored a 590. This made me realise that I would need coaching to get a competitive score. But I wanted to go to a centre close to my (...)

Pallavi Dutta
GMAT-730 | MBA from Tuck (Dartmouth)

“After getting a 700 in my first attempt I was struggling to increase my score in my second attempt. I needed help in Verbal for which I was recommended by someone to get in touch with Dr. Sushma. She had 40 (...)

Apoorv Pathak
GMAT-730 | Duke Univ. (Fuqua school of Business)

“Dr. Sushma Jha is an excellent instructor and uses a customized approach with each of her students, playing to the strengths of each individual and bridging the gaps as required in other areas. She is patient (...)

Rohan Chopra
GMAT-730 And Admissions | MiM : ESCP France

I definitely recommend GMATinsight for scoring high on the GMAT exam as the teachers, Bhoopendra sir and Sushma maam have helped me score the best that i could. Sushma maam walked me through all the concepts of (...)

Mudit Tomar
GMAT-730 (Q-50 V-38) | ISB Hyderabad

Even after preparing from huge material and online courses I was stuck at low score . After taking classes from Sushma Mam, I saw a tremendous improvement in my score. Her way of teaching is amazing.I thank (...)

Mayukh Verma
GMAT-740 | MBA : ISB

Only the best place for GMAT preparation! Forever grateful to Sushma Ma’am and Bhupendra Sir in helping me achieve ‘beyond my wildest dream’ GMAT score. Will recommend GMATinsight to anyone struggling with (...)

Rahul Dua
GMAT-740 & 720 | Duke University – The Fuqua School of Business

This place has been a blessing for me. For a very long time i was stuck around 30-32 in verbal. Then, i heard about GMAT Insight from my brother , who is also studying for GRE from there. I just took a demo (...)

Manvendra Saxena
GMAT-740 || Kellogg School of Management

“Both Sushma Maam and Bhoopendra Sir were crucial in my preparation for GMAT. They are great in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student to give them a custom-make education. On top (...)

Default Avatar75
Ashish Sood
GMAT-750 (Q-51, V-39)

Bhupinder sir is the expert in maths he gives you insights in every quants question , sushma mam helps you with the verbal she gets your mindset right in the CR . Thanks to gmatinsight i got 750 in gmat. Thank you sir mam .

Shaleen Manocha
GMAT-750 (Q50 V45 IR8) | ISB

Had a very good experience. I will always remember the things taught by Sushma ma’am and Bhupender sir. Will recommend this to everyone looking for a 700+ score.

Debashish Bhadra
GMAT-750 | Columbia Business school

“Sushma ma’am and Bhoopendra sir taught me verbal and quant respectively when I was preparing for CAT way back in 2006 and 2007. While Bhoopendra sir introduced me to innovative ways of thinking and problem (...)

Default Avatar75
Misha Gandhi
GRE-327 (Q-166 V-161)

I had searched and took demo sessions at a lot of coaching centres for GRE before a friend of mine recommended gmat insight. Only at this centre, was I able to find genuine teachers like Bhoopendra sir and (...)

Ambieca Saha
GRE-331, GMAT-720 | MBA: Harvard, Stanford

My first experience with Sushma ma’am was during a 1 month group program in Wisdommart for GMAT back in 2011. 3 years later, I had to prepare for GRE. I had not been in touch with ma’am all these years. (...)

Karishma Swarup
GRE-335 Q-166/V-169

Excellent help from Bhoopendra sir! Helped me understand quantitative concepts with great clarity and answered all questions. Very effective online classes with ample practice problems, mock tests and (...)

Swanand Deodhar
GMAT-760 | Carlson, Ph.D

I was a bit skeptical about giving GMAT again because I had only scored 620 in my previous attempt just a few months earlier. However the thorough and customized guidance from Sir and Ma’am allayed my fears and (...)

Rohan Hemrajani
GMAT-760 | Chicago BOOTH

I took individual classes in verbal section from Sushma Maam for GMAT at Wisdom Mart. I was giving the exam for the third time. The previous two times I had performed poorly in Verbal. However, I was confident (...)

Manan Dugar
GMAT-770 (Q50 V45 IR8)

Sushma ma’am makes the verbal section more logical and unambiguous. Verbal tests and homework helped me a lot. Ma’am constantly kept on motivating me to improve and work hard. The math course is very well (...)

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