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Full-Time MBA Student at W.P. Carey School of Business
“Dr. Sushma is a great instructor. I always wondered why we have Teacher’s day but after my interaction with Sushma Ma’am , I totally get the concept now. She’s the person I’d like to celebrate every Teacher’s day. She encouraged me to believe in me when I stopped trusting myself. I scored a 51 in quant and I was in 20’s in VERBAL section. It was hard to make considerable improvement because I had a full time job that consumed my entire day. She helped me to make the difference and reach where I am now. She has incredible teaching skills. She understands the student and tries to tailor the teaching method around his/her personality to make sure students understand the concepts and the step wise strategy to get things right very first time. When she’s your tutor, you get personal attention from her and that explains everything. She is a wonderful person and a great human being!
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