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GRE-331, GMAT-720 | MBA: Harvard, Stanford
My first experience with Sushma ma’am was during a 1 month group program in Wisdommart for GMAT back in 2011. 3 years later, I had to prepare for GRE. I had not been in touch with ma’am all these years. Although I didn’t know whether ma’am taught this course, I had decided that I only wanted Sushma ma’am  to guide me. From my GMAT group class days I remember that I used to be a shy kid (an 18 year old surrounded by tall working professionals) and would quietly listen to ma’am while she taught.  Ma’am’s way of teaching was so crystal clear and lasting that even in a batch of so many students, I scored a 720 in my first attempt (and this could have been better, but due to some unfortunate accident in the family I was not in my best condition on the day of the exam). Even after 3 years of no contact, i wanted only and only her as my mentor for GRE. Judging from my ordinary language, one can easily guess that I don’t read much and hence I was freaking out about how to crack the GRE with my poor vocabulary and comprehension skills. But the way ma’am grouped and explained words with examples, those words were imprinted in my mind permanently. The tricks that ma’am taught me for reading comprehension (my skills were horrible as I have never read a single novel in my entire life) helped me score a whopping 164/167 in the GRE!! I was stupefied when I saw the scores on the computer screen… I double checked… And triple checked…. added up the numbers again and again to  verify whether I really had crossed the 330 barrier! Thank you so much ma’am for all your hard work and guidance. Still can’t believe that you made it possible!!!
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