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GMAT: 720 | Mc Combs, USA
GMAT insight was the best decision I took after failed attempts at cracking the GMAT exam. I had always prepared for GMAT myself and this time I knew I wanted personalized attention and guidance. Sushma Ma'am, hands down is an amazing teacher and she understands how and what a student needs to work on and prepare to nail GMAT. She is one teacher who is really invested in her students and truly works hard to ensure her students get their desired scores. Just TRUST her completely and follow every word of hers. You are sorted! I want every GMAT aspirant to know this that if I can do this along with my hectic work schedule, then any student can do this. Apart from her classes, she is an amazing human being too. So, one should also be ready for an amazing GMAT verbal class and discussing some life philosophies with Ma'am.
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