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Giving the GMAT is not a walk in the park, preparing for it is a roller coaster ride, you need all the help you can get. During the GMAT rollercoaster Sushma and Bhoopendra served as my safety harnesses! Bhoopendra – I have a confession to make; I feel I am horribly retarded at Mathematics, which is why dealing with the subject in school was a major pain. To be honest I scored a 42/100 in the ICSE boards. GMAT as you know, encompasses the mathematics from class 3 to class 10, and this is what made me realize that I needed help, BADLY! Bhoopendra, according to me is a mathematical genius; he knows a short cut for every type of math problem. His clarity of the subject is brilliant and his ability to explain the concepts to even a person like me is marvelous. Sushma – Unlike mathematics, I’m pretty good at English, but I still was not able to crack the Verbal sections. That’s where Sushma came in, she had a set of GMAT pointers which came in real handy. She knew which answer choice would appeal to the GMAT test creators and which would appeal to regular day to day conversations. This is just about all that any fluent English speaker needs to crack the GMAT. For people who are not fluent, she is very capable of giving you good practice in order to better your score on the GMAT verbal.
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