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GMAT-690 | Ivey, Canda
“I started my preparation for GMAT a few months back and was looking for some coaching institute to assist me in my preparation, then a friend of mine recommended ‘GMAT INSIGHT’ and told me about their classes which are conducted over skype. The classes are one on one which gets you the undivided attention of the teachers and both, ma’am and sir, are very flexible with their timings. Sushma Ma’am – Verbal; A great friend and guide to have during the preparations. Her passion for teaching is clearly evident every time you speak to her. Her classes are filled with wonderful discussions and warmth, that makes grasping the concepts relatively simple and enjoyable. Extremely helpful and comes up with a very clear explanation for each and every question. Bhoopendra Sir – Quants: A great teacher to have who really motivates and pushes you to practice more and come up with solutions on your own (both very crucial to succeed in maths as per me). Offers some very simple solutions to difficult questions and makes understanding of concepts easy. Even though I consider myself to be good in maths I do tend to make a lot of mistakes but using methods given by sir helped in avoiding those errors and pushed my confidence up which helped me in getting up and ready for the paper. Highly recommend both sir and ma’am, it was a pleasant experience with them”
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