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GMAT-690 | Schulich (York University) Canada
My skepticism to pursue tuition’s for GMAT preparations were shattered the moment I met Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir. Instantaneously, they came across as knowledgeable, friendly and humble teachers. And during my time with them,  it turned out to be so much more. The sincerity with which they worked to help me achieve my personal goals was exemplary. Despite studying in a group format, Sushma Mam had the remarkable quality of giving each student individual attention. While on the other hand Bhoopendra Sir pretty much has the mathematical aptitude, sharpness and ease which one may have seen in John Nash (A Beautiful Mind). The best part is that he will continue to make you feel that YOU can CRACK IT.  I cannot thank them enough for their sincerity and today, I can safely attribute part of my academic success to them and I hope many more of us get to learn from these fantastic teachers.
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