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SAT-I Math 790/800 and SAT-II Math 800/800
“I, Yuvraj Jain studied at the GD Goenka World School. As I had plans to take the SAT Reasoning test and the SAT Math Level IIc Subject test, I went to Mr. Bhoopendra Singh for tutoring in the Winter of 2008. I ended up getting a 790/800 on the Math component of the Reasoning test, and an 800/800 on the Subject test. Upon looking over a sample SAT Reasoning exam, one will realize that it is not rocket science and the level of math is parallel to high school. However, the single most important skill for the math section is speed…..and this is why I feel that Mr. Singh is the ideal coach: he made me around three times faster. By the end of our time together I was solving each 25 minute section with near perfect accuracy with 10 minutes to spare. I returned to him again for my SAT II math preparation. There were some chapters on this exam that were not a part of the syllabus of my board. As this is a very conceptual exam, one must not only know the methods and formulas of each chapter, but also be able to apply them while judging patterns and trends (such as how a graph shifts when its equation is manipulated). Mr. Singh was very patient with regards to my learning needs and taught me the hard concepts so well that by the end of it I didn’t need to memorize anything. It is not surprising that I was able to achieve a full score on the exam, a feat which I didn’t think I could accomplish until I attended Mr. Singh’s classes.”
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