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20+ Timed Quant Sectional tests (31 Qn/ 62 min.) – Official Questions

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Practice: 20+Timed Quant tests made of the latest official Questions

Official Question practice in the form of timed sectional tests. An amazing way to solve Official Guide in a most efficient manner

Improve Stamina | Time yourself | Assess yourself | Improve fundamentals

  • This course is the collection of timed sectional tests i.e. Each test has 31 questions to be attempted in 62 minutes
  • The questions to make the tests have been taken from Advanced Official Guide, Official Guide 21
  • Each question has a Video explanation which can be accessed after finishing the test.
  • The course can be accessed in free form (any test, at any time) however, it’s recommended that test-takers practice them in linear form following the sequence of tests as uploaded.

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