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  1. Just wanted to leave some feedback.

    My name is Scott, I’m American and I post on Gmatclub often as fdambro294.

    The lesson 5 of inequalities is the most comprehensive, best coverage of that topic I have seen since I started. CrackVerbal did a free webinar involving these topics and spent 30 minute on that exact topic.

    In 8 minutes, you explained the concept much more clearly and covered it exhaustively in an easy manner to digest.

    Great, fantastic, super job. Kudos!



  2. Quick question as well if you have time time.

    On question 3 for the first quiz, the only case I could find was when x and y both equaled 0, you would get a NO answer for each statement. Otherwise, any other value for X and Y always seemed to result in the answer to the question being yes for each statement.

    That was the reason for my 2 screw ups. Forgetting to test 0 when you can. The 1st question I literally marked the wrong answer but did the analysis correct. Hard Quiz! Good job

    Sincerely, Scott

  3. Ah my question…

    Am I correct? Is the only case that makes each statement return a NO is when x and y BOTH = 0?

    Or are there other cases.


  4. Hi Scott,
    I am delighted to know that you liked my course. I am committed to make it the best in industry. I am sure with students such as you who are generous enough to appreciate the good work, I will make a long lasting impression on best GMAT prep courses available.

    Testing of ‘0’ is often a problem that many test takers encournter therefore it’s best to compile a note of all your silly error at one place so that You take a Mock exam after checking your commonly made mistakes.

    About teh question that you are inquiring, Yes, x=y=0 is the only case that where the answer to the question is NO and the conclusion is “INSUFFICIENT information”.

    Bhoopendra SIngh
    GMAT CLUB Handle: GMATinsight
    WHat’s App: +91-9999687183

  5. Thanks for the quick response :-).

    That’s exactly the silly error I made. If I just tested 0……

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